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Bespoke Italian Chandeliers & Hand Blown Glass Lighting

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Beautiful bespoke Italian chandeliers, hand blown by designer Rocco Borghese.

Lighting is no longer being left as an afterthought in the world of interior design and you could now make yours a focal point in your home with a contemporary or traditional chandelier. Our bespoke designs mean that when you come to choose your lighting you can really find so much more than just illumination, the key here is to embrace ambience, elegance and art.

Venetian bespoke chandeliers

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Drape Gioello..created in fine silver plated jewellery chain, and laced with Egyptian crystal detail, with 500watts of lighting, 90cm x 70cm,  available to commission rocco@futuraneon-artlight.com, tel: +44(0)208 348 0456

The Amiraglio Aqua is a very top end contemporary/ arty piece commissioned to specification POA

This is a large chandelier, but in many ways retains its grandeur amongst the delights of treasured pieces, as each chandelier is always a unique piece, modern large chandeliers like this or prestigious chandeliers like the prism glass chandeliers, there is an exacting criteria that fits into our interior designers client request, this grand  chandelier never fails to make a statement.

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Amiraglio Aqua Full Body, 120cm x 300cm with 1500watts of lighting, LED lamps also available, rocco@futuraneon-artlight.com

Amiraglio Aqua Droplets 2nd Image  rocco@futuraneon-artlight.com

Admiral Brillante Artista 80cm x 58cm 500watts of G9 lighting made to specificationPOA

Onde...Ripple glass hand blown crystal pendant chandelier 80cm x 90cm made to order POA

Energia Cosmica Artista In chromium glass 110cm x 80cm made to orderPOA

Energia Cosmica Artista In clear and textured glass 110cm x 80cm made to order POA

Corale Bianco 110cm x 70cm  700watts of lighting  made to order POA

La Perla...80cm x 100cm  3 tiers of mixed Murano / Egyptian crystal, 550watts of lighting can be commissioned to suit. POA

Stella trasparente, 100cm + stork  with frosted and clear handblown Murano glass available to commission POA

Corale trasparente 100cm plus stork in clear and frosted hand blown Murano glass available to commission in many colours and sizes. POA

 Globbo di cristallo 60cm plus stork, with internal lighting 10 x25 watt, can be commissioned to suit


Energia Cosmica sculpted glass and steel, commissioned to specification, with coloured glass or

clear glass / mixed preferences, example 110cm x 80cm with 30 x 10 watt lamps POA

Grazia,Quadro... 80cm x 58cm +stork drop of 50cm, laced with 5 tiers of crystal shots, lighting 500watts please click on the image for closer detail, made to commission. POA

Grazia, 80cm x 58cm +stork drop of 50cm, laced with 5 tiers of crystal shots, lighting 500watts please click on the image for closer detail, made to commission. POA

Vetro Schorevole  80cm x 140cm with 750 watts of lighting, clear sculpted crystal made to commission POA

Please click on the image for closer detail.

Pignieta Trasparente III  Clear hand sculpted Murano glass, 76cm x 220cm 30 x 25watt lights fitted into a conservatory, please click on the image for closer detail. POA

Amiraglio Artista with sculpted glass 80cm x 100cm with 25 x 25watt G9 lamps, glass pendants are all hand-made, totally bespoke piece..0208 348 0456  POA

Energia artistica, in clear and frosted glass, with glass chillies in vary colours, 30 x 10watt G4 12volt lamps, 110cm x 80cm, totally bespoke piece...0208 348 0456POA

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Download artistic Fuoco glass features with room and wall suites

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      Borghese Luce Arte 

Borghese Luce Arte designs and creates ‘Luce Arte’ (‘art lights’),
stunning and individual lighting sculptures/chandeliers made exclusively from
Murano glass. Each piece, hand blown by the designer

Rocco Borghese
brings together light and fine art, resulting in an incredible
design statement to illuminate the home.

Borghese Luce Arte light designs range from sculptures made up of
delicate, intertwining glass threads to more classic chandeliers
assembled piece by piece. Despite their diversity of style, each
Borghese Luce Arte sculpture shares the same jewel-like luminosity
as light dances through their glass forms.

Every Borghese light is unique and made painstakingly by hand. The
process of glass blowing is a highly skilled and delicate art with
each aspect of the finished light sculpture melted and shaped

As well as a reflection of his own artistic vision, Rocco Borghese
is passionate that his pieces should fit perfectly within your
living space. Clients have the opportunity to be involved in the
creative process selecting the styles, shapes and colours most
reflective of them and in-keeping with their home. Due to their
delicate and ‘one off’ nature, Borghese Luce Arte also offers
expert installation of its lights for clients.

In the following pages you will see examples of Rocco Borghese’s
recent work. Commissions can be as simple or extravagant as a
client likes from a single standalone piece to a collection of
complimentary lights to fill the home. Prices available on request.

About the designer

Rocco Borghese combines an instinctive Italian understanding of
style and design with the skill and passion of an artisan. Born in
Southern Italy, Rocco began his career working with his glass
sculptor father in their family-run studio and workshop. ‘The
Borghese furnace,’ as it was known, became synonymous in the local
region and amongst its customers for its excellent and individual
glass work.

In his twenties, with an ambition to start his own glass blowing
business, Rocco travelled to London to study architecture with
interior design. Following his graduation Rocco began his first
lighting business, creating custom made lights using neon. After many
years he began working exclusively in Murano glass, moving away
from more commercial projects in favour of developing his lights as
art pieces.

Rocco eventually opened Borghese Luce Arte in Crouch End, a shop and
workshop within which to create his unique art-light pieces. Since
opening, Rocco’s work has established a growing following amongst
interior designers and his client base includes several well-known
names. His lights have been featured on Channel 4’s ‘Grand Designs’
and are sold through Selfridges and a number of boutique shops in
London’s Mayfair.

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