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                                                                         Rocco Borghese

UK Tel: +44(0)208 348 0456
US (Los Angeles) Tel: +1 310 927 8032
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Corale Bianco Grande..110cm x 300cm 1500watts of lighting in handblown bianco opallo Murano glass, available to commission, +44(0)208 348 0456 email: rocco@futuraneon-artlight.com

Corale Bianco Piccolo 90cm x 80cm

Corale artglass Borghese chandelier installed in UK stately home100cm x 120cm

Stella Solare 110cm x 110cm with hand blown glass detail, 650watts of lighting available to commission, please click on the image for closer detail

Corale Bianco 120cm x 80cm Room chandelier, 600 watts of lighting hand sculpted in opal Murano glass, available to commission please click on the image for closer detail.

Corale d'oro 140cm x 180cm with 1000watts of lighting, in hand sculpted champayne gold Murano glass, please click on the image for closer detail, available to commission

Admiral Classico installed in Dubai Villa 180cm x 650cm weight 1.2 tons with lowering system for servicing, 6000watts of lighting, available to commission

Admiral Aqua droplets 60cm x 200cm 30 lights, 750watts solid glass

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Pignieta classica 68cm x 240cm 30 lights and hand blown coloured glass


Vetrario Artista 110cm x 85cm with 30 lights 300watts, with hand blown coloured glass

download Fuogo Cadiz project

download Fuogo Forbes...Ireland project  

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Admiral room aqua droplets 110cm x 120cm with 500 watts of lighting

New Tagliatelli chandelier in sculpted crystal with 12x25watt lights

New Crostini Chndelier 85cm x 75cm with sculpted crystal like twigs

Fuoco, 170cm x 300cm with 70 x 25watt G9 lights dimmable, with hand-blown glass pods in varying dimensions, champaygne gold with a 10% deeper graduation.

Solare Azurro 2008, in blue azurro, magenta aubergine, and frosted glass 100cm with 18 x 25watt G9 lights

Aquamarinara, in turquoise and aquamarine, 80cm x 75cm with 5 x B27 40watt bulbs

Cernia in Azurro, 60cm x 120cm in blue azurro, frosting and clear glass with central lighting 20 x 25watt G9

Admiral Artista with central body sculpted glass, 75cm x 130cm 40 x 25watt lights

Solare d'oro, Handblown in champayne gold glass 100cm x 100cm + vertical drop

Solare azzurro, in hand blown cobalt blue and purple glass some frosted 100cm

Scaglietti Colore , in antique amber kiln formed glass 60cm x 110cm

Scaglietti mono, in clear and frosted kiln formed glass 60cm x 110cm

Pendulum hallway light, can be commissioned to size 35cm x 110cm, 8x25watt lights

Admiral Artista 70cm x 140cm with 380 handmade glass pendants

Fuoco chandelier 120cm x 90cm in champayne gold hand blown glass

Admiral Schorevole Plum, 80cm x 200cm in handblown glass pendants

Fuoco Handblown glass feature commissioned for clients in Cadiz 140cm x 250cm with

60 G9 lights externally, with internal mood setting GU10 lights, dimmable

Download the Admiral portofolio, please be a little patient...thanks

Download the Vetrario Artista  portofolio, please be a little patient...thanks


Admiral Artista 80cm x 90cm 40 x 25 watt lights  solid crystal pendant                                             60cm x 90cm 30 x 25 watt lights solid crystal


Fuoco'  220cm x 175cm with 60 lights,                             Vetrario Artista...110cm x 100cm with 30 x 10 watt halogen lights all in handblown sculpted glass

       Ostiia D'oro 90cm x 80cm to commission                          Ostia Azurra 90cm x 80cm 12 x 20w lights


           Admiral Cristallo, 76cm x 90cm 40 x 20w lights                             Energia Cosmica 2008 70cm x 90cm


       Arioso..cromato, 80cm x 128cm 30 x 20w lights                 Bauble admiral pendant, 110cm  x 130cm 50 lights


Bauble wall sconce 32cm x 40cm 20 lights                Vetrario artista, 70cm x 80cm 12 lights all sculpted glass

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